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Saturday, 22-Jan-2022 02:06:29 GMT

This site is dedicated to my interest in Home automation & the weather but also includes bits and pieces I've done over the years.

Homeseer is a home automation package which I use to control my home. It has many advanced features to control X10, Z-wave devices, serial ports, 1-wire etc complete with a built in web server. It also features voice control and text to speech announcements.
Control/access of lighting, heating, email, phone messages etc is possible anywhere in the world via the internet, phone or even email!

My Homeseer software is integrated with my weather station to provide increased intelligence to the system. For example, if the temperature outside falls below 4 degrees C or winds gust above 25 MPH, then my pond fountain will not operate! There is so much you can do with this software. You are limited only by your imagination.

If you are interested in home automation then I suggest that you visit my Homeseer Server. Access to the site requires a name and password. As a visitor, you may use 'guest' and 'guest' (without the '). If prompted, please enter your first name.

The site includes time limited real-time streaming video with a choice of  pan & tilt camera (with control), TV tuner (with full control) and live weather camera. Also available is my enhanced weather data, indoor & outdoor temperature/humidity monitoring charts, computer & electricity monitoring.

I have a growing selection of FREE Homeseer scripts and web pages (ASP & ASPx) available for download ( several UK specific ) and is very popular with visitors. There is also a selection of 3rd party downloads. If you are having problems with any of my scripts or just want to ask me a question, please visit my forums which are also powered by Homeseer.

There is also a section on my projects and information including tips and tricks, Q&A and document library. Projects include information & construction of my Pan & Tilt camera, 4x40 Serial LCD screens and rain detector. Media services including full UK TV listings, London travel news & hotspots and numerous RSS feeds can be viewed.

I have also made available an online editor for the Audiotron Streaming media player. This allows easy editing and generation of a compliant TurtleRadio local file so that you can update your radio stations. There is more information about this on this site. The editor can only be accessed via my Home Automation server.

I currently use a Dallas 1-wire weather station with weather display software. This site has been upgraded to view near real time weather conditions from my weather station using Macromedia flash. Access to my weather camera, several graphs and records are all available from this page. Take a look at my MesoMap Live! page to view near real time weather across SE England and the UK. You will be re-directed if you try to view these pages with a older version of Flash. 

My email address for this site is available at the bottom of the contacts menu. This uses anti-spam techniques so you will need to copy the details manually.

If you would like to sign my guestbook ( highly encouraged especially if you like my sites or use my scripts!) or email me anonymously, then these facilities are also available on my Homeseer server.

Live statistics generated by Homeseer are available at the bottom of this page.

Thank you for visiting!


Visit my Homeseer Home Automation server

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